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Audio Intercom


Free Standing Audio Intercom

There are three main types of audio intercom:

Standalone Audio Intercom
Dedicated handsets are placed around the house which connect directly to the front door or gate. The user must go to the wall mounted handset to answer the door.

POTS Audio Intercoms
The POTS (plain old telephone system) Audio Intercom sits across the incoming telecom line and rings the phone with a distinctive ring. Pressing the hash button for example would release the front gate. POTS systems are great in a retrofit situation where access to the phone lines is posible and are suitable for one-door systems.

PABX Intercom
The PABX system is the preferred option for several reasons - the main one being that if someone is on the phone, the door call still makes it through to the rest of the extensions. The PABX system can easily control up to four doors. Like the POTs system the intercom call will ring on any phone including cordless phones - great for when you are out at the pool.



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