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Silkey Reader and Tag

The Silkey (Silicon Key) is a contact based device that contains a chip with a unique number. When the Silkey tag is placed in the reader, the reader powers the chip and the chip transmits it's code down the wire powering the reader. This number is read by the system and access is granted on that basis.

In a typical system a building would have a Silkey reader mounted on the doors, and the users would carry the tags.

An interesting spin on the Silkey system is where the buildings have a silkey tag attached and the humans carry the readers around.

This seemingly backwards system is used in security partols, where the partolman carries a reader and scans each building he visits.

The reader logs the time of the visit, producing an audit trail proving the service has been carried out - rather than paying for the guards to sleep in the back of their partol cars all night!



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