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Passive RFID

Injectable Chip
Injectable RFID Chip

An RFID Fob, Card or Chip is a radio transmitter that is powered by the reader. When the reader is close to the chip, the chip receives enough power to transmit it's unique code.

Some chips are even able to be programmed with a page or more of information such as the persons medical conditions as used in the RFID "medic alert" system. The first common form of RFID tag was the HID Prox Card, built to resemble the ubiquitous magstripe card, this has been superceded in recent years by the key-fob which takes up less space in a users pocket, and attaches more easily to the keyring.

Another package of the RFID chip is the Injectable RFID tag, this is commonly implanted in pets so they can be returned home if lost, and in cattle for inventory purposes. Recently over 2000 Spanish night club patrons have been injected with RFID tags to give them access to the VIP area of a nightclub - there is no doorman required, tagged patrons walk up to a reader and are granted access dependant on their rights. There are several people around the world who have chips implanted specifically to make their access control easier - one Canadian man has a reader on his apartment door and his car door - he never has to wonder where his keys are again.

It is predicted that within 5 years you will simply wheel your trolley of food out of the supermarket. RFID tagging on the products means the store knows what you have, and facial recognition tells them which credit card to bill. If you think that is far fetched, RFID dust has been developed that is small enough to sprinkle on food. RFID Tagging - coming soon to a cereal near you.



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