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Vehicles Gates

Double-swing gates
Dual Leaf Gates with Above Ground Actuators

The most common controlled point in a domestic system is the Vehicle Gate.  Many properties will also have a pedestrian gate - but in some cases space only permits one gate, so the vehicle gate can be set up for a 'pedestrian opening' - opening the gate a small amount to admit visitors without opening the gate all the way. 

Vehicle gates come in Swing, Slide and Roller styles, with swing being the most common, but sliding gates popular where space or slopes cause issues for swing gates.  Roller gates are the norm on commercial and apartment buildings where the gate opens into a structure like a garage or similar.

Where possible locate the Vehicle gate back off the street far enough to permit the access control plinth to be sited on your property in such a way that visitors in vehicles can reach the intercom without having to get out of their vehicles.  If your gate is located on the boundary, visitors will have to get out and walk to the intercom, press the button and wait, fine on a sunny day.... 

Swing gates are driven by one or two actuators - depending if there are one or two 'leaves' on the gate.  Two leaves provides some measure of redundancy - as well as aesthetic balance, each leaf is lighter hence less stress on the actuator making for a more reliable system over time.  Actuators can be worm drive, hydraulic or underground types.  Let your designer know if traffic is likely to be higher than usual as a higher duty cycle actuator may be required to keep pace with increased use. Many domestic actuators are rated at 5% or 10%, which means if they are cycled for two minutes, they would expect to be idle for 40 or 20 minutes respectively before being run again - to last for the rated life of the actuator. 



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